Tech Alert! LG’s Levitating Speaker

Seeing all this tech stuffs just makes me, want to travel to Egypt and look for an elixir of life lol….   PSA: LG has joined the Levitation magic (more like magnetic) trick class of 2016/2017.   A;though LG is not the first company to create such speakers, but actually the first key tech company to launch such. The LG PJ9 is a wireless, 360-degree omnidirectional speaker that levitates (Duh). It comes with a 10-hour battery life, with the speakers actually floating back to its base as the battery starts to run out. You also get an embedded subwoofer, an IP67 certification, a wireless charge, and the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Continue reading

Guess Which Tech Company Might Be the First to Reach the Trillion-Dollar Market Value?


One Trillion Dollar Market Evaluation, is like when a company becomes a country!! #BrainFreeze Despite the fact that the Microsoft’s market value currently trails both Apple and Alphabet, analyst Michael Markowski of believes that Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn could help them reach the $1 trillion milestone.

Here are the market caps of the top 5 tech companies via GeekWire Continue reading

iPhone 8 With Curved Screen Could Be Released as Soon as Next Year

So all Apple needs to do to stay in business is to increase their prices and people will come? According to the Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone 8 could be releasing as soon as next year. It’s been reported that Apple has been testing out more than 10 different prototypes and some have seen a curved screen with no home button. The report states that the new model will house a 5.8-inch OLED display (instead of a LCD screen) with, of course, higher resolution. With OLED technology, a backlight is not needed, therefore thinner and lighter phones can be created. The new iPhone iteration may also include an embedded home button, as opposed to the current location on the iPhone 7′s design. Continue reading

#NoDataHike We Never Ordered Operators To Raise Data Prices Says Minister Of Communication


Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, Mr Adebayo Shittu, has disclosed that the Federal Government never gave any directive to telecommunications operators in the country to increase prices of data from Thursday, December 1, 2016 as claimed.

Since the beginning of this week, Nigerians have continued to kick against messages sent to them via text messages by telecoms operators, informing them that from tomorrow, prices of data would go up and in some cases, by 100 percent. Continue reading

Yasmin Belo-Osagie’s of She Leads Africa New Ad for Microsoft Is Awesome!


Screenshot: Yasmin Belo-Osagie Microsoft ad

Yasmin Belo-Osagie, the Cofounder of She Leads Africa — a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams — might come across as being shy and reserved, but the new Microsoft ad changed my perception!

The 30-second ad is for the new Lenovo Yoga, a convertible laptop created by Lenovo and powered by Microsoft. Continue reading

Kwara State Wants to Be One of the Largest Tech Hubs in Nigeria, Plans to Build N500m ‘Computer Village’ in Ilorin.


Last week, Kwara State Governor, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, performed the groundbreaking of Harmony Hub, Kwara State’s version of the popular Computer Village, in Ilorin. The entire project is estimated to cost 500 million Naira.

Speaking at the groundbreaking, the Governor said the Computer Village would directly employ about 600 youths when fully operational. Continue reading

Tips For Choosing A Washing Machine

jj1A washing machine is one of the greatest and most helpful household inventions of the last century. Keeping clothes and all kinds of textile goods fresh and clean has never been easier than with the help of a washing machine. Buying the right kind of a washing machine, the one that matches your needs and budgets, can be tricky due to the variety of machines on the market. However, with our tips you’re guaranteed to make a smart choice! Continue reading

HTC Might Sell Off Its Smartphone Business


According to the rumors, HTC might be selling off its Smartphone business — which would be rather sad given how good their smartphones were (cc the HTC M8).

No specific names were mentioned, but people are already suggesting that Google might be the best fit to buy the company’s smartphone business since it had a hand in making the Pixel devices. Continue reading

Your iPhone Secretly Sends Your Call History + Facetime Calls To Apple — Elcomsoft


A digital forensics company in Russia, Elcomsoft, claims that your iPhone sends your call history to Apple and this only happens when you enable iCloud on your device. What might piss you off is the fact that the data — which contains a list of calls made and received as well as the dates, times, call duration and entire phone numbers, plus your Facetime’s voice and video calls  — gets uploaded without notifying users or even giving them a choice. Apple, in turn, retains the data for up to 4 months before it gets deleted.

This might not be a big deal until you remember the FBI issue. Plus, all a hacker needs to get your data are your iCloud’s login/password details and applications like Elcomsoft’s extraction tool. Continue reading

Logical Address Represents Nigeria At The 2016 ITU Telecom World Bangkok, Thailand


Logical Address is now in Thailand and the Thai people can’t stop smiling!  The address solving startup form NHUB, a tech community based in Plateau State, Nigeria is expanding their global presence one country at a time and Thailand is the current destination.  Logical Address is an addressing system that solves one of humans most fundamental problems, navigation your way to someone’s location . Continue reading

Update Live Blogging #HackJos2016 Final Day Hackers Talk With Mark Essien

hack jos , plateau state
Teams and their innovations….

NOX: Mechanox, an application that solve basic motor vehicle issues that may require the aid of a mechanic; or provide the user with basic information within a checklist of things.

Team Uplift: Gas Leakage Detector Using Arduino and GSM Module, a system that detect irregular gas levels and triggers a real time SMS response.

Team Kuce: TractUS, an SMS based tractor on demand service. Continue reading

Slack Welcomes Its New Friend Microsoft With A ‘Dear Microsoft’ Ad In New York Times.

View image on Twitter

Slack’s founder is taking marketing lessons from Apple — In 1981, when IBM launched its first PC, Apple ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to welcome its new competitor to the personal computer the personal computer market. Continue reading

$2.1b Arms deals: Dasuki intends to call former Pres. Goodluck Jonathan as witness

Former National Security Adviser (NSA) Sambo Dasuki, who is currently on trial for alleged mismanagement of $2.1 billion arms funds, says he intends to invite former President Goodluck Jonathan as his witness.
Jonathan has in the past condemned the charges against Dasuki, claiming that there is no way the ex-NSA could have stolen about $2.2billion funds for arms. Continue reading

Hack Jos! Plateau State Biggest Tech Competition Ever!

nhub jos hack We’re pleased to announce the date for the most anticipated event of the year and the best in Africa. HackJos, nhubs’ flagship challenge-driven Hackathon Jos 2016 and tech Conference. Hackjos had its first run in 2015; owned and promoted by Nignux Technologies Ltd owners of nHub, premier innovation centre in the north of the country. The 2016 edition is running in collaboration with Qitech Technologies in partnership with Knowhow Media International, publishers of IT Edge News.Com. Scheduled for the 1st – 4th November. Continue reading

Uber Outlines Its Lofty Ambitions for a Fleet of Flying Cars

Uber’s self-driving cars may have just hit the streets of Pittsburgh last month, but Travis Kalanick and company are already turning their attentions to something else: the skies. In a white paper published this week, the transportation network pioneer lays out its extensive plans to one day have a massive fleet of flying cars. And the most interesting part? The paper says the company plans to have the program up and running within a decade. As Jeff Holden, chief product officer, and Nikhil Goel, Uber Elevate and advanced programs product manager, write: Continue reading

BYE Felicia! Vine Is Dead, Long Live Vine

Twitter Vine Why You Always Lyin

Twitter is officially killing Vine.

According to a blog post on Medium, the microblogging company will be discontinuing the massively popular short video app within the coming months. The announcement comes hot on the heels of Twitter announcing massive layoffs across the board, with plans of cutting almost nine percent of its workforce (or roughly 350 people). Continue reading

#GITEX2016 Logical Address The Location App From Jos City


Logical Address is an addressing system that solves two humans most fundamental problems.

4 billion people in the world are without an address and 7.4 billion people (the population of the world) are nomadic. Today we live in Abuja, tomorrow we are in Cairo and this goes on and on for various reasons ranging from better jobs, better life, greener pastures, crises and war, hunger etc. Continue reading

Tech Alert! All The Gadgets Google Announced



Google’s Pixel hardware event is finally over! Even if the general public did not get to hear the hype, well a handful of techies heard about it?

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, both phones sport Snapdragon 821 quad-core 2.15GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and Storage options starting at 32GB or 128GB. Both Pixel devices feature a 12-megapixel shooter in the rear with an f/2.0 aperture and a large 1.55-micron pixel sensor. Both come out of the box with Android Nougat 7.1 and are available in ‘quite’ black, ‘really’ blue, or ‘very’ silver

We are looking at a $649 price tag for the Pixel; equivalent to N259,600 with the dollar rate at N400, smiles and picks up his infinix and walks away! lol Continue reading