Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Facebook’s Massive Swedish Data Center

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Data Center Lulea Sweden

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg himself took to Facebook to show off the platform’s enormous data center in Sweden. Located deep in the forests of the northern part of the country in Luleå, the massive facility is noteworthy for the way in which “it uses a variety of local natural resources to increase efficiency and save power.” Continue reading

Apparently Your New iPhone 7 Might Also Explode, According to New Incident

Here’s some potentially ominous news for prospective iPhone users: a Reddit user by the name of kroopthesnoop shared an image on the r/apple subreddit of what appears to be an iPhone 7 that exploded. Luckily for the user, the device appears to have exploded in transit, as the phone’s smoldering carcass rests against its charred packaging. Users on the subreddit and elsewhere on the web have leapt at the news, citing that “leading smartphone makers just can’t stop copying each other” in reference to the stories of exploding Samsung devices, including the Note 7.

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Thailand has created world’s first non-rectangular football field

Image result for Take a Look at the World's First Non-Rectangular Soccer Field in Thailand

Real estate developer AP Thailand partnered up with digital agency CJ Worx to create irregular-shaped soccer pitches that are located across an overpopulated region in Bangkok. Believe it or not, these unconventional designs were built with good reason. According to designboom, the duo wants to “help foster creativity” and create spaces for play that will “enhance relationships among the people in the community.” The concept was rooted from a prepubescent idea dubbed “think space” — trusting that “any abnormal space can achieve the highest benefit.”

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Check Out The Awesome Specs of the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus!

Image result for Check Out The Awesome Specs of the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus!

The Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus were unveiled in Dubai last weekend and from what I hear, I missed a lot! No money for plane ticket lol!

Here is a sneak peek while you very patiently wait for the official unboxing that might be video or written. Continue reading

Twitter Up For Sale! Salesforce and Google Bidding for Twitter

The Iphone 7 Plus Is SOLD OUT!

OMG this is wow! Apple’s iPhone 7 has proved to be hot property with pre-order stock of both the iPhone 7 Plus and the jet-black colorway of the smaller iPhone 7 already selling out. Although limited quantities of the iPhone 7 in other colors – silver, gold, rose gold and black – are still available for now, a statement from the California-based company recommends buying online or visiting a partnering retailer rather than trying to pick up from an Apple store. The tech giant also says that it’s working hard to make new stock available. Continue reading

Finally You Will Be Able to Post Longer Tweets Starting September 19

Twitter is about to say bye to the 140-character limit by cutting down on what type of content will count towards the said limit. For example, media attachments such as GIFs, videos, images, polls, etc. and quoted tweets will no longer count. It will offer up ample room for extra text for users to express themselves. While this news was announced earlier in the year, Twitter just confirmed that the changes will roll out beginning September 19. Continue reading

The six finalists in the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 Startup Battlefield

disrupt cup

TechCrunch Disrupt, who will be the next UNICORN! Over the last two days, over 5,000 attendees along with some aliens online, have watched 25 companies fight it out for the right to call themselves the Startup Battlefield Winner at Disrupt SF 2016.These are the six companies that remain:

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Singapore just became the first country to have self-driving taxis

Singapore just became the first country to actually implement self-driving taxis on the road for public use.

So far, nuTonomy – the company behind the cars and the app that hails them – has implanted six cars that can autonomously pick up passengers and deliver them to destinations, making them the first company to offer such technology to the public. Continue reading

Here’s how Blue Origin’s giant new rockets compare to Elon Musk’s

On Monday, Jeff Bezos revealed an ambitious plan to launch some of the largest rockets ever designed “before the end of this decade.”

Blue Origin – Bezos’ privately aerospace company – will design and build two types of ‘New Glenn’ rockets, which are named after John Glenn (the first American to orbit Earth) and will tower over the rocket systems planned by SpaceX, an aerospace company founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. Continue reading

Apple’s “Project Titan” May Be Hitting Bumps in the Road

Apple's "Project Titan" May Be Hitting Bumps in the Road self-driving cars tesla google uberThis is so cool but the chairs are just plain weird!  Seems like Apple is throwing its self-driving car project into reverse. According to The New York Times, the California-based company has shut down parts of the project and let go “dozens of employees.” The news is not the first sign of trouble with Apple’s rumored “Project Titan,” as recently employees set to guide the project for Apple left, as well as new hires for the project frozen. Other companies exploring self-driving cars include Google, Tesla Motors, and Uber. The New York Times also reports that Apple “has a number of fully autonomous vehicles in the middle of testing, using limited operating routes in a closed environment.” Perhaps, then, “Titan” is simply being put in neutral for a while. The question is when will we see it on the road?

PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro models Have Been Officially Unveiled!


We have another unveiling!  Sony has officially unveiled the new Playstation 4 Slim and Pro models.  According to Sony’s CEO, Andrew House, PS4 slim will be the “standard” PlayStation 4 moving forward, and it’s designed “to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.”

Nigerian gamers looking at the price like Buhari is god… lol Continue reading

“We were literally warned not to say anything” – CcHub’s Founder, Bosun Tijani Speaks on Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit

Bosun Tijani

Bosun Tijani

The Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of Co-Creation Hub (CcHub), Yaba,Bosun Tijani, in an interview with PUNCH’s Tobi Aworinde, has shared how the business – an incubator for technology start-up companies – started, and how Mark Zuckerberg‘s first visit to Nigeria, was kept a secret. Continue reading

Instagram Reaches 300 Million Daily Users


The Photo-sharing app that Facebook currently owns almost 4 years now has crossed a milestone. Before they celebrated reaching the 500 million users per month benchmark and now they are celebrating 300 million people using the app daily. Or was it their picture resizing update and video moments they somehow got from snapchat.  Continue reading

Apple Has to Pay €13 billion Bill In Taxes


Today, the European Commission has ordered Apple to pay up to €13 billion in tax payments. This is the first time the European Union has ordered a company to pay this much.  According to Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, who announced the figure at a European Commission press conference.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Neighbours Are Furious!


They only people thrilled not to be living next to the marketing genius Mark Zuckerberg are his neighbours.

According to a Buzzfeed report, Zuckerberg’s neighbours are angry with him, it appears that Mark’s security team is illegally occupying “desirable parking spots” with two silver SUVs close to his $10 million dollar home thereby making it difficult for other people to park. Continue reading

Endorsed on Instagram by a Kardashian, but Is It Love or Just a $75,000 Ad?

The millions of people who follow Kim Kardashian West and her sisters on social media have become accustomed to seeing them praise everything from fat-burning tea to gummy vitamins for healthier hair.

“Ever since I started taking two @sugarbearhair a day, my hair has been fuller and stronger than ever!! Even with all the heat and bleaching I do to it!” Khloé Kardashian posted on Instagram this month. Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria And See What He has been up to Since his Arrival

Mark Zuckerberg with kids at the 'Summer for Code Camp'

Mark Zuckerberg with kids at the ‘Summer of Code Camp’

Earlier this evening, we brought you the report that Facebook‘s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria.

This is Zuckerberg’s first visit to Africa, and his first stop was at Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) in Yaba, Lagos.

He’s also billed to meet with developers and partners, as well as explore Nollywood. Continue reading