nHub In Jos Set To Host 2016 NASA Space Apps Challenge

NHUB awomkenneth.com

Are you tired of watching Hackathons going on in MIT, Harvard etc. And just wishing that you could participate in the challenge?  Well you can stop dreaming ways to use youtube to transport you to MIT, because there is now a Hackathon in Jos, Plateau State. To be hosted by nHub, the only northern hub in Nigeria.

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Meet the Nigerian man without a degree who builds mini Aircraft

Nigerian man Aghogho Ajiyen from Delta state, built an Aircraft with local materials. Even without a University degree, he assembles these machines and make them to fly. He assembled his first aircraft in 1999 but didn’t succeed at it. He continued and got better with his next try. He said he does his research on how to assembly aircraft by himself and decided to put it to test.
He even installs a camera on them which he uses to survey his environment and has developed his own special fuel for his aircraft. Amazing.

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9 surprising Australian innovations that changed the world

By now, most Australians know that our university researchers were behind the invention of the bionic ear, but more often than not, the world tends to focus more on our venomous snakes and spiders and overly muscular kangaroos than anything coming out of our labs.

But the reality is that Australia puts out 3.9 percent of the world’s research, with only 0.3 percent of the world’s population, and a lot of that research has been translated into inventions and products that you use everyday… like penicillin and Wi-Fi.

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The sleeping habits of the rich, the powerful, and the genius

The sleeping habits of the rich, the powerful, and the genius kind of means less sleep…

Despite what science says about how crucial a good night’s sleep is to your health and longevity, one thing’s clear from the infographic below – some of history’s most powerful and intelligent people had very little time for it.

Serbian-American inventor, engineer, and fan-favourite, Nikola Tesla, is said to have adopted what’s probably the most ill-advised sleeping habit of them all – devoting just five hours a day to rest, only two of which were dedicated to actual sleep. And this wasn’t something he implemented when he realised he had too many inventions and too little time. In his book, Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Teslaauthor John J. O’Neil says Tesla was terrible at sleeping, even when he was just a boy: Continue reading