IMPORTED STUFFS: The New High Society Symbol Or Just Lack Of Common Sense?


It is now a norm for you to hear people of different background praising and almost worshipping imported things that they can easily get in their country. They praise that is been given to the imported stuffs is given not to emphasis on its quality because we import on a daily basis from China and you can agree that most a times their stuffs are not up to high quality. The praise is to emphasis on the fact that you had to travel from one country to another to get it, that you spent an insane amount of money on the stuff, a sum of money if well invested can change the world!

They give unimportant praises to you for your capabilities on importing stuffs. You gallantly receive the praise not knowing that those so called people are praising you for spoiling (derogating) their country’s economy, for creating unemployment, for discouraging people who manufacture those stuffs that you import in your country. Continue reading