How To Train Like The Rock

If you follow The Rock on social media then you’ve been privy to some of his training sessions and workout pep talks. The man also known as Dwayne Johnson is inspiring, hilarious and – most importantly – goes hard AF. And who can deny the results, when his bulging biceps and tree-trunk thighs are staring us right in our jabroni faces?

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DStv removes “I Am Cait” after Complaints from Nigerians


For the second time, MultiChoice Nigeria has removed a transgender-themed show from DStv and GOtv. Last year, it was “I Am Jazz“, a docuseries on a transgender teen and now it is Caitlyn Jenner‘s show “I Am Cait“.

Popular reality television programme, “I am Cait” which airs on the E! Channel will no longer show in Nigeria following complaints by Nigerians. Continue reading

The Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Is the Electric Vehicle You Wish You Had in Your Childhood

According to, Race car drivers of the future may be thanking the Actev Arrow Smart-Kart in their victory speeches two decades from now. Essentially an electric go-kart for children ages five to nine, the Actev Arrow is equipped with connectivity features such as WiFi and GPS, that allow parents to connect to and control the Arrow, setting limits such as top speed, drivable area, and be alerted when the Arrow activates its collision avoidance system in near-crashes. Powered by two independent 250-watt electric motors on a steel chassis, the Arrow is capable of a neck-breaking 12mph, and is now available for pre-order online starting at $600 USD.

Learn The Quick Way To Make Chapman At Home by

Have you ever ran short of money and in that moment of possibly six month brokerage (God forbid) you still want to have fun and enjoy the things you used to do when you had cash!   Or you are simply like me, you have the money but you too money conscious (greedy!)  to spend it lol.
Don’t cry I got the good news you have been dreaming of and it will cost less, at least if you spend N1,000 (Naira) a day on drinks this will shorten it by a mile.


Ingredients and Utensils

  • A bottle of Fanta and a  bottle of Sprite.
  • Angostura Bitters and Grenadine syrup.
  • Orange (2 or 3)and Lime (lime is optional).
  • 1 big sized Cucumber or 2 small ones.
  • A big jug and 4 glass cups.
  • Some ice cubes   





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