Does Your Natural Hair Need Some Marijuana

Hmm, some legal Marijuana, by the way. It sounds a bit weird but I did read somewhere that marijuana helps hair grow and I a lot of people are using it to aid their natural hair journey. To use, you simply mix into your regular hair growth cream and watch your mane get high, lol.  I do know a couple people who have used it and got acne around their hairline afterwards so be careful I guess. Continue reading

South Africa to legalize cultivation of medical marijuana in 2017

South Africa is on a move to legalize the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes in April 2017. This comes after the Parliament’s health committee accepted to implement the Medical Innovation Bill. A bill which was proposed by late Dr. Mario Ambrosini of Inkatha Freedom Party in 2013.
Dr. Mario committed suicide in 2014 after he was refused an orthodox medical treatment in favour of alternative medicine, including medical marijuana to treat his lung cancer.XX Speaking after the announcement by the Medicines Control Council and the Department of Health in Parliament last week, Mr. Singh of the IFP said: Continue reading