These Are the Most Popular Apps in 2016

Nielsen has published its annual report of the year’s most popular apps. For 2016, there appears to be one social media service that’s still trouncing the competition when it comes to the world of apps: Facebook. As Nielsen’s study found, Facebook has taken the top spot for most popular apps of 2016, with 146 million unique users. Coming in at the second top spot was Facebook Messenger, which boasted 129 million unique users in 2016. Continue reading

I Just Won! N1,000,000 GiveAway & Mac Cosmetics GiveAway

Santa is real guys! I just got one of the best christmas present this christmas from my youtube sister, Jaaruma, like i am still shocked from the surprise.  I got smiles for days right now and she is also opening up her N1,000, 000 giveaway to everyone, and that means you too stand a chance to win some cool prizes this christmas!

So watch the video to hear more about the procedures and remember to comment that you saw the video first on on her you tube page…

eNigeria 2016 Abuja Nigeria Tech Tour Vlog

So finally after all the excuses and editing delays we got a vlog!

One of my first long vlogs of many more to come, I am so excited to release this vlog, it documents my trip to eNigeria 2016 that took place at the enormous ICC (International Conference Center) Abuja.  It was truly an experience,  and dare I say that I have enjoyed a little bit of the National Cake, been feed 3 meals daily on a free ticket, is a one of a kind feeling. Continue reading

New Music Alert! Dayodman – Throwback Produced By TheNoizmkr

Live from the bomb shelter a tape inspired by the belief of accomplishing goals anything is possible and  artists who had a love for music  made it in a place with no light using extension cords from another building just to make sound this collection has a total of 9 songs which are  motivational and inspirational and you can get down to enjoy the vibe too for more check out and support the dream. Continue reading

Music Video LUST By Malvina Patrick

So i have been thinking about ‘LuSt’ that Malvina Patrick released and been imagining angles from which to interpret the concept behind her writing ‘LuSt.’ You know she said something about the song being self-explanatory and having the ability to ‘free’ you from any social or mind control mechanisms. I took the liberty to play around it a little, and this is the outcome.  Continue reading

Tech Alert! All The Gadgets Google Announced



Google’s Pixel hardware event is finally over! Even if the general public did not get to hear the hype, well a handful of techies heard about it?

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, both phones sport Snapdragon 821 quad-core 2.15GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and Storage options starting at 32GB or 128GB. Both Pixel devices feature a 12-megapixel shooter in the rear with an f/2.0 aperture and a large 1.55-micron pixel sensor. Both come out of the box with Android Nougat 7.1 and are available in ‘quite’ black, ‘really’ blue, or ‘very’ silver

We are looking at a $649 price tag for the Pixel; equivalent to N259,600 with the dollar rate at N400, smiles and picks up his infinix and walks away! lol Continue reading

Thailand has created world’s first non-rectangular football field

Image result for Take a Look at the World's First Non-Rectangular Soccer Field in Thailand

Real estate developer AP Thailand partnered up with digital agency CJ Worx to create irregular-shaped soccer pitches that are located across an overpopulated region in Bangkok. Believe it or not, these unconventional designs were built with good reason. According to designboom, the duo wants to “help foster creativity” and create spaces for play that will “enhance relationships among the people in the community.” The concept was rooted from a prepubescent idea dubbed “think space” — trusting that “any abnormal space can achieve the highest benefit.”

Continue reading

New Music Alert! SWAGGA by Dayodman

Finally the wait is over! Nigerian US based musician Dayoman is back with Swagga! And it is dope!

2016 has been a great year so far in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry with different sounds coming from our talented artistes both home and abroad.  And Nigerian artistes like Dayoman keep making us proud to be called Nigerians!  And also been what I like to call a former Jos boy, you know it’s going to be cool as fire! Continue reading

Michelle Obama Tells Steph Curry How to Trash Talk the President in Golf

Next time Steph Curry hangs out with President Obama, he’ll know how to trash talk him. During an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Michelle Obama discussed life after the White House and spoke to Steph about how the POTUS likes to poke fun at the two-time league MVP while golfing. “I’ll hit a shot out of bounds, and he’ll just look like, ‘Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s not a good shot. I’m gonna need you to do better next time,’” Curry said. “It gets under your skin, too,” said Curry. Michelle Obama then advised Curry on what to say back next time that happens.

Netflix Gives ‘Narcos’ the Go-Ahead for Season 3 and 4

What is Narcos?

The story isn’t over, Narcos will be returning for a third and fourth season. The news comes right off the release of the show’s newest installation last week and Netflix is looking to capitalize on the success of the title with bigger and better stories. Pablo Escobar’s tale was an amazing one and the creators and directors did a magnificent job detangling the tumultuous and violent life of “The World’s Greatest Outlaw.”

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Instagram Reaches 300 Million Daily Users


The Photo-sharing app that Facebook currently owns almost 4 years now has crossed a milestone. Before they celebrated reaching the 500 million users per month benchmark and now they are celebrating 300 million people using the app daily. Or was it their picture resizing update and video moments they somehow got from snapchat.  Continue reading

Watch This Guy Carve a Watermelon Into a Replica of the Night’s King From Game of Thrones

Exporting Nigeria

I think it is high time we started exporting Nigeria to the outer world in a positive light, reduce our imports and stop complaining like little spoilt children. It is one thing to complain and another to talk and do nothing about it, who are we kidding by always feeling that we are entitled to something more?…

So watch the video and tell me what you think! And yes i am back from ABJ

10 ways to make money online in Nigeria 2016

10 ways to make money online in Nigeria 2016

These days, the Internet is such an open platform, to a very large extent, no one controls what gets posted there, as long as someone can afford a certain amount of money per year, then they’ll be able to buy a domain and trick thousands of people.

However, internet marketing is by far the best way to make money online, it is the largest market in the whole wide world where millions of people visits daily to search for information and definitely buy something, so, you can definitely make money legitimately online.

Find out how to make money online below: Continue reading

Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip AK 2016

If the “Damn, Daniel” meme taught us anything, it’s that 2016 is the year of things that have no business going viral, going viral. The most recent example is Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip, in which Michael Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in North Carolina, flips a third-full water bottle through the air to achieve a perfect, upright landing on the table in front of him. Continue reading

New Pictures Of Harry Styles’ Short Hair Are Finally Here

Close-up of Exhibit A:

Close-up of Exhibit A:

Listen to Justin Timberlake new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Justin Timberlake‘s brand new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is here!

This is his first song since his last album – 20/20 Experience – was released in 2013.

The Cast for Dreamworks Animated Movie ‘Trolls’ listened to it for the first time and couldn’t stop dancing!

You can download the song on iTunes