The Male Romper, RompHim Is Here To Stay And I Want One

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Male romper. RompHim. Bro romper (bromper?). Public onesie. Jumpsuit, variety: short. Or, perhaps, just a romper that happens to be worn by a man.

Whatever you call it, the one-piece clothing item preferred by babies and women at outdoor concerts has officially hit the male fashion mainstream.


Romphims, aka bro-rompers, had the internet in complete stitches this week. A couple of weeks ago, Carolina Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton, was spotted at Coachella in what looked like a one-piece men’s romper, which then sent the internet on a furious hunt to find out what the NFL star was wearing.

Well it turns out that it wasn’t really a romper, but a collective floral 2-piece set by SCORE. However, that didn’t stop this group of business school friends from hopping on the trend.

In fact, it is an aesthetic that men — and the people that love to look at them — are clearly longing for. In two days, the Kickstarter has raised more than $136,000, which is 13 times the $10,000 goal they were shooting for.
On social media, you may have noticed an explosion of romper-related jokes and assumed the stream of alarming political news had driven people into some sort of dissociative fugue state. Maybe! But it was also people discovering that a) male rompers existed, and b) they are cool now.

Office casual.