Efiko’s Road Show Continues

Remember that freelance website I connected with at nHub in Jos, Efiko Freelance MarketPlace. Well, I hit them up recently to find out what they have been up to, they had told me about an audacious plan to hit 2 hubs in 2 different states in a day!

They are travelling to all the major tech and innovation hubs in Nigeria to introduce the platform to the freelance community. Being in Abuja is central enough you would think but to hit Kano and Kaduna in one day? Their Plan: they travelled up north on the 8th of July to Blue Hub in Kano for a morning session and then swung through CoLab in Kaduna in the evening, on the way back to Abuja.

How was their trip? Smooth for most of the way even though it took almost 6 hours to get to Blue hub. The only drama they would speak of was their car tyre coming off on the highway 30 mins outside of Kano. Luckily it was around the Merchant area in Kura and lots of people came to help even the police. A little late with an interesting story the Efiko team made it to Bluehub in one piece and engaged a room full of IT enthusiasts.

After Kano, they spent another 3 hours on the road back to Kaduna in a less eventful ride to meet with the innovative CoLab community. Despite the late evening the community was alive with questions on the usefulness of the Efiko Freelance Platform. The Team took a lot away from this trip, they are introducing their platform to the freelance community and using feedback to make it even better. They only launched a month ago, but I believe they are making the right strides in the right direction and their passion is evident from how they put themselves out there. This freelance platform might be the one that stays. Follow their story as they tour the rest of Nigeria on social media @EfikoFreelance or better yet if you have skills you want to market, sign up on their platform: www.efiko.co