Tips On Traveling With Kids

If you’re flying with kids you might be worried about arriving in one piece. What if they act up, or spend the whole flight screaming? What if you land more frazzled than ready for fun? We could say “stuff ’em” and tell you not to worry about people who tut and sigh, but we know it’s not that easy.


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Kids love adventure, and that is a fact. If you are traveling by plane, your kids may wander off in the airport and locating them might be an issue. So what’s the best thing to do? Write down your number and paste on their shirt just in case.

We don’t know what might happen. Yes, I know you might think they will always be with you hand in hand but something might happen and you’ll let them loose for a second and a little twist of the clock, and zoom they are gone looking for autographs to sign and new friends for acquaintance. Thank goodness for mother technology, a child locator has been invented.


Be Prepared

It might seem obvious, but being organized goes a long way to take out most of the stress involved in going on a family vacation. When you have all eventualities covered, unplanned travel surprises can be thoroughly minimized. Have all your necessary bits and pieces within easy reach, divide and conquer using pockets or ziplock bags, so you can reach anything you need in record time thereby avoiding any crisis. Get to the airport or bus station early to avoid the stress of rushing, Check in advance to know if there are extra charges for children.


Stomach Fillers

Children are known to get hungry at the oddest times and the most unlikely places so the power of having food handy should never be underestimated because a hungry little child can prove to be a disaster when traveling. You might plan to buy some food en route, but it helps to have backup stash of kid-friendly food, just in case. If for some reason you’re delayed, you’ll be thankful. You should however resist the temptation to keep them going on a long journey by feeding them sweets. Pack a mixture of savoury snacks. Reason being that you don’t want to make too many toilet trips or change their diaper too often and the last thing you want, is to arrive in a strange city with children in the middle of a sugar rush.


It’s key to bring fun items along when traveling to ban boredom at all costs! Thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there’s no need to cram a toy box into your hand luggage when travelling.

The most compact form of entertainment for your kids is a device loaded with fun apps and games. Don’t forget to fully charge devices before embarking on the trip. Taking a power bank along is also a smart decision. The aim is to keep kids entertained for as long as possible so that they don’t begin to act up and disturb you and other passengers on board.


Book ahead with Travel Start

Whether you’re staying in hotels or with family, it pays to book/call ahead. Be specific in your request and ensure that the environment you’re taking your kids to is child friendly. Spontaneity of travel doesn’t work when travelling with kids. You could arrive at your destination to find you can’t get a room and have to hit the road again with tired, hungry toddlers melting down in the backseat.

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Keep them comfortable

Dress your kids comfortably for the trip. Be sure to find out the weather of your destination as this would help you prepare adequately. Have a spare set of clothes handy in case of any emergency.

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