Startup funding in Africa’s major tech hubs decline

Funding for Kenyan startups dropped from $47.3 million in 2015 to $10.5 million in 2016.

After a decade of optimism, buzz around Kenya’s tech potential has waned, as many startups failed to become profitable or went bankrupt.

Optimism was fueled by successes like mobile-money service M-Pesa and crowdsourced reporting and mapping platform Ushahidi, both created in Kenya a decade ago. Continue reading

Google Maps can now tell you where you parked your car

“Hey dude, where’s my car”, I saw it in Davido’s house. Never again and I say never again will you have to be the confused and frustrated car finder, courtesy of a new Google Maps feature that lets you save your parking location on a map.

Originally launched as part of a Google Maps beta (and only on Android) in March 2017, the feature just went live on Android and iOS. Continue reading

Facebook announces React Fiber


fascebook awomkennethGoodnews developers, or what I call the people of copy and paste from the land of git. Facebook has completely rewritten React, its popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The company hasn’t previously talked much about React Fiber, as the project is called, but it has actually been working on it for a while.
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The HTC One X10 Has A 2 TeraByte Expandable Memory, Boy I Am Done


HTC fans are you bored, wait do you guys even exit, I thought that apple, samsung, google and the other ones (blackberry) would have taken up the fandom and leaving no one to spare.  But anyways the HTC One X10 is finally out! Yeah! Boy is this silence I hear? Continue reading

Your phone’s motion sensors can be used to hack you

You could be the most careful mobile user ever, but hackers can still steal your PINs and passwords simply by spying on your phone’s motion sensors. A team of cyber researchers from the UK’s Newcastle University have demonstrated how easy it is to steal a four-digit PIN by analyzing the way your phone tilts and moves as you type. You might think your phone’s movements are random, but they apparently create distinct patterns. During their tests, they were able to crack four-digit PINs on the first guess 70 percent of the time and 100 percent of the PINs they used by the fifth guess.

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Nikon’s D7500 is a mid-range DSLR photographers bae

Where the photographers, there is a new toy in town and it is a beast! Well a chinese beast (lol) , the Nikon D7500 is a mid-range DSLR that succeeds the D7200 and shares much in common with the higher-end D500. It has the same 20.9-megapixel APS-C sensor (without an antialiasing filter) as the D500, and the same Expeed 5 image processor. Continue reading

Kenya Government Fear Of Technology?

Image result for Kenya Government Fear Of Technology?

Africa is the next frontier, raise your hand up if you are tired of hearing that iconic line that just seems to be a line and not a reality. It is almost synonymous with the catchphrase Nigerian youths are tired of hearing “you are the leaders of tomorrow”.  Are you not tired of seeing over $50 Billion worth of resources leave the country every year and nobody is doing anything about it.  Continue reading

Facebook has 5 million advertisers and efe has N25 million

5 Million advertisers, now my children will be asking Dad what were you doing when facebook was getting truckloads of money? I would say that I was giving them money too!

Facebook announced Monday that 5 million active advertisers are using its platform. Continue reading

This Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 drop test is brutal

Yes Nigerians reading this you heard me right, someone took $1600 to buy an Iphone 7 red and the Samsung Galaxy S8, only to just completely destroy it!  With $1600 i could pay an entire village school fees for like 10 years. The youtuber (EverythingApplePro) that thought of this cool monstrosity was not even paid by the companies in question, but thankfully he got youtube to pay him and he did it before youtube adverts market share began to slide into oblivion.

It’s a little painful to watch two brand-new phones get tortured, but it’s all worth it. While the Galaxy S8’s glass back is destroyed almost instantly (as expected), the larger and longer bezel-less “infinity display” is definitely more durable than the iPhone 7’s screen, even when dropped from a height of 25 feet.

Both screens end up cracked and damaged in all places, but in the end, the Galaxy S8’s screen is considerably less shattered, which is quite impressive.

#SpaceAppsJos 2017 registration is now opened

awomkenneth nasa space app

Nigeria’s Leading Innovation Hub To Host NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 For The Second Time!
In its last edition, the challenge brought together so many talented people; enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, designers and wannabes alike, who worked on different projects, in different teams but with a common aim of solving some of the problems the world is facing. Few among the theme challenges were eMobile Pastoralism, Aircheck and Earth Live. It took place at nHub Nigeria Jos, one of the three centers selected in Nigeria to host the event last year, joining Liverpool- United Kingdom, Blida- Algeria, Sydney- Australia, Ube- Japan, New York- USA as part of a global movement poised to redefine solutions and quality of life using technology.” Continue reading Plateau State Next Billion Naira Business

The next Unicorn (a billion dollar company) that will come out of Nigeria will be from Plateau State and not the Mr. I can do everthing state AKA Lagos.  Plateau has the best economy (coughs) and best environment to support creativity, and when you are a startup in the tech space, creativity is all that matters and not five hour traffic and pungent sewage scents.  And seems to be the next Amazon.  Continue reading

Twitter Might Offer a Paid Subscription Service Soon

Twitter Paid Subscription Service - 3765089

The most underrated social media in the world, Twitter is considering offering a paid subscription service to its power users, according to sources. The premium service will feature new tools on the TweetDeck — the dashboard application for brands, journalists, news organizations and professionals. Twitter users have been posting screenshots of surveys and a mock-up of the advanced Twitter service, which shows advanced analytics tools, alerts for breaking news and additional insight on trends and activity of an account’s followers. “We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions,” says a Twitter representative. Continue reading

See My Chat With Kim Kardashian Bot On Facebook

I just chatted with Kim Kardashian on facebook messenger and it was awesome !  She just invited me over for a party in Las Vegas at a five star Italian restaurant with the rest of the family.  I think facebook is very sick or the too much money is just making them zany day by day.  I am here thinking of what to eat and how to make the most of the poor system of education in Nigeria.  And facebook does a Kim Kardashian BOT! Continue reading

Iphone Red Made For The Native Doctors Of Nigeria

The Native Doctors of Nollywood come and see oh, the gods have answered your prayers!  Finally a black and red phone to scare my people in the village back to the stone age, just imagine walking around with this phone in rural Nigeria #CultBoys

Lol, but on a serious note this phone is sexy as hell like literally. The only downside is that the black and red Iphone look does not exist (silently crying), what exist is more christ like, and that’s the white and red iphone look see more. Continue reading

This Is The Only Store That Sells Tecno L9 Plus In Plateau State Nigeria

Who wants to buy a new device and not just any new device the latest phone in town, well not for long actually, I heard apple and samsung are releasing some very expensive stuffs next week.  But the Tecno L9 plus is the latest affordable phone in town with quality.

The L9 Plus is a successor to Tecno L8 , with big improvements especially in screen size , battery life & operating system, you would know that by now if you saw the crazy adverts.  Continue reading

Nigerians Spent $6.6 Billion On Calls and Data in 2016.


On behalf of Mike Adenuga and South Africa, I say thank you, your money has been fantastic! This was disclosed on Wednesday by Umar Danbatta at the launch of NCC Year of Consumer. According to him, Nigerian subscribers spent $5.6 billion in 2015 and $6.6 billion in 2016 which adds up to $12.2 billion (N3.66trn) in the space of two years. In his words: Continue reading

Tecno Camon CX Specification

Image result for Tecno Camon CX specIt seems like the African market which comprises of basically Nigerians (lol) is been controlled by Itel, Infinx and Tecno, and this companies stand a chance to gain more profit as population increases and it really dawns on you, when you remember some of the phones take less than $30 to make.

But the good news, Tecno has a new device coming out soon and it is called Camon CX (aka c10) and CX air and very possible a mini CX .  As usually the rumored specifications have been leaked.  Let budget planning begin. Continue reading

Enugu State Now Has A Coworking Space FootSteps

CoWorking Space opens in Enugu at Foresteps

Foresteps may not be the first coworking space in Enugu and from what i am seeing it won’t be the last or necessarily going to be the best in town, but it is the first that I was able to discover online.  Foresteps offers all the “usual services” of a Coworking space. You get a desk with comfortable seats, paid Wi-Fi, and an air conditioning. The CoWorking space also offers stable power supply.  Office equipment like printers, scanners, and photocopiers are also provided.

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Twitter Is Now Suspending And Marking Accounts WithOut Warnings

Twitter is marking some accounts as "sensitive."

Twitter is trying to much to tackle troll problem in 2017, and the campaign is not without problems.  In addition to a range of tools aimed at filtering abusive tweets, the platform now appears to be quietly marking entire accounts as sensitive, or suspending accounts without notice or warning.  Continue reading