Twitter Might Offer a Paid Subscription Service Soon

Twitter Paid Subscription Service - 3765089

The most underrated social media in the world, Twitter is considering offering a paid subscription service to its power users, according to sources. The premium service will feature new tools on the TweetDeck — the dashboard application for brands, journalists, news organizations and professionals. Twitter users have been posting screenshots of surveys and a mock-up of the advanced Twitter service, which shows advanced analytics tools, alerts for breaking news and additional insight on trends and activity of an account’s followers. “We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions,” says a Twitter representative. Continue reading

See My Chat With Kim Kardashian Bot On Facebook

I just chatted with Kim Kardashian on facebook messenger and it was awesome !  She just invited me over for a party in Las Vegas at a five star Italian restaurant with the rest of the family.  I think facebook is very sick or the too much money is just making them zany day by day.  I am here thinking of what to eat and how to make the most of the poor system of education in Nigeria.  And facebook does a Kim Kardashian BOT! Continue reading

Iphone Red Made For The Native Doctors Of Nigeria

The Native Doctors of Nollywood come and see oh, the gods have answered your prayers!  Finally a black and red phone to scare my people in the village back to the stone age, just imagine walking around with this phone in rural Nigeria #CultBoys

Lol, but on a serious note this phone is sexy as hell like literally. The only downside is that the black and red Iphone look does not exist (silently crying), what exist is more christ like, and that’s the white and red iphone look see more. Continue reading

This Is The Only Store That Sells Tecno L9 Plus In Plateau State Nigeria

Who wants to buy a new device and not just any new device the latest phone in town, well not for long actually, I heard apple and samsung are releasing some very expensive stuffs next week.  But the Tecno L9 plus is the latest affordable phone in town with quality.

The L9 Plus is a successor to Tecno L8 , with big improvements especially in screen size , battery life & operating system, you would know that by now if you saw the crazy adverts.  Continue reading

Nigerians Spent $6.6 Billion On Calls and Data in 2016.


On behalf of Mike Adenuga and South Africa, I say thank you, your money has been fantastic! This was disclosed on Wednesday by Umar Danbatta at the launch of NCC Year of Consumer. According to him, Nigerian subscribers spent $5.6 billion in 2015 and $6.6 billion in 2016 which adds up to $12.2 billion (N3.66trn) in the space of two years. In his words: Continue reading

Tecno Camon CX Specification

Image result for Tecno Camon CX specIt seems like the African market which comprises of basically Nigerians (lol) is been controlled by Itel, Infinx and Tecno, and this companies stand a chance to gain more profit as population increases and it really dawns on you, when you remember some of the phones take less than $30 to make.

But the good news, Tecno has a new device coming out soon and it is called Camon CX (aka c10) and CX air and very possible a mini CX .  As usually the rumored specifications have been leaked.  Let budget planning begin. Continue reading

Enugu State Now Has A Coworking Space FootSteps

CoWorking Space opens in Enugu at Foresteps

Foresteps may not be the first coworking space in Enugu and from what i am seeing it won’t be the last or necessarily going to be the best in town, but it is the first that I was able to discover online.  Foresteps offers all the “usual services” of a Coworking space. You get a desk with comfortable seats, paid Wi-Fi, and an air conditioning. The CoWorking space also offers stable power supply.  Office equipment like printers, scanners, and photocopiers are also provided.

Continue reading

Twitter Is Now Suspending And Marking Accounts WithOut Warnings

Twitter is marking some accounts as "sensitive."

Twitter is trying to much to tackle troll problem in 2017, and the campaign is not without problems.  In addition to a range of tools aimed at filtering abusive tweets, the platform now appears to be quietly marking entire accounts as sensitive, or suspending accounts without notice or warning.  Continue reading

What do you think of Tecno Mobile bigger and longer graphics

Social media and brands right now, the thirst is real!   Everyone wants the biggest market share and nothing is too 18 rated too stop them. Tecno Mobile seemed to be talking about bigger and longer batteries (repeating the phrase in my head, bigger and longer battery? ke) but they are talking about bigger and longer boy things with their graphic!  Its clear to say that the prevert of the year goes to Tecno Mobile and they person in charge of these, should redeploy to the pornhub division asap!

Coca-Cola Nigeria set to increase Programmatic Advert Spend to 40% of Digital Budget


Social Media Week, Lagos… Bloggers where are your bank accounts?

Eskimi CEO, Vytas Paukstys, hosted a session on Programmatic Advertising at Social Media Week Lagos, 28th February. The event invited panellists to share their experiences of using Programmatic advertising. Continue reading

The Lies In The Nigerian Tech StartUp Space

nigeria tech startup

What I think of the tech space in Nigeria, is basically, a space where a bunch of we can all be rich in the “foreseeable future” sets of people come together to explain prehistoric rich men who are not willing to believe them; due to lack of real business know how, that this idea of an app will bring in unimaginable wealth with a peanut from your money pile.  But, this is just an idea with no reality whatsoever, the idea generator does not have any mystical marketing powers neither is he or she mostly he, a God or Goddess is the HR world (wait, do they know HR?).  Continue reading

Huawei’s new flagship P10 phones sccreams apple

Just give me this phone and i will be iphone cured!

Huawei, the third largest smartphone maker in the world, isn’t playing that game. The company just launched its new flagships, the P10 and the P10 Plus, at a Mobile World congress event in Barcelona.  Continue reading

LG X power2 Is A Battery Phone Built To Last

LG  has launched the X power2. The smartphone is designed to operate for an entire weekend on a single charge thanks to the 4,500mAh battery tucked inside. It’ll also recharge nice and quick, too, taking just two hours to go from flat all the way back up to 100 percent.

 The 5.5-inch display has a HD resolution, and is using an off-brand 1.5Ghz octa-core chip that we’re guessing is made by MediaTek. In addition, there’s either 1.5GB or 2GB RAM paired with 16GB storage. Continue reading

Apple Park Is Opening It Doors Come April

apple spaceship campus tim cook

Apple’s new campus has a name and a move-in date. With that said i will put in a little Yass! for Tim Cook..

On Wednesday, Apple announced that its 175-acre ring-shaped futuristic campus will be called “Apple Park” and employees will being occupying it in April, although construction will continue through the summer. By the end of this year, Apple expects to move more than 12,000 employees into the new Cupertino campus. Continue reading

Seven Earth-Sized Planets Have Been Discovered Orbiting A Dwarf Star

The funniest thing about this news is that Nigerians are probably thinking of possible ways to bring the dollar and pounds rates down and Americans are just busy wishing for aliens.

Seven Earth-sized planets with the potential to contain liquid water have been discovered orbiting a dwarf star, and three of them are “firmly located” in the habitable zone, NASA announced Wednesday. Continue reading

Gionee S6 Review From Bullets Systems

Getting into the issue that my Canon camera is still wounded and helps, is something i must do until help comes, is something I must do!

So I got to review the Gionee S6 a while back and it was pretty cool, yes I know the phone is a little bit old but you have to remember that Nigeria do not produce this phones and it takes time for me to lay my hands on it. The Gionee S6 is a pretty straight forward phone with lots of “not too many pre installed apps” (Yeh! More space!).  But, if you want to know more watch the video and remember to subscribe to the channel.

Is This What the Apple iCar Could Look Like?

Apple iCar Concepts By ClickMechanic

Speculating about Apple’s next iProduct is part of the fun and imagining how the adopted technology would be rendered via Apple’s design scheme. Many muse that Apple’s next big endeavor will be a car, which isn’t surprising given the automotive market’s focus on shifting from fuel to electric. Continue reading