nHub in Plateau State to host Google HashCode 2017 in Nigeria


Jos based technology hub, nHub and V8, a Lagos based co-working space are among the locations in Nigeria where Google Hash Code for 2017 will be held.

Hash Code is a team-based programming competition where participants solve problems presented by Google engineers and top scoring teams win prizes.

The competition will be in two rounds – online and final. The online qualification round sees teams solve a real-life challenge using their own PCs and programming language and tools of their choice. Continue reading

solving snapchat battery drain


Battery life is now a matter of either living to see tomorrow or dying in the next five minutes, you can’t tell if Uber five minute delay for the car you ordered is $10 or $50,000, with a dead phone?  Right now i am still in the GLO gang where data walks in a slow but moderate pace and doesn’t finishes “on Time”, if you know what i mean, we are yet to join the ntel or spectranet gang yet. I had a snapchat account during my etisalat gang days but I quickly remember that my dad was not a Nigerian Senator, so I deleted it.   So here are some on how to cut the data sucking.

how to keep your phone from overheating

You know when your phone is so hot that you think it can be used as a water boiler, and you get so frustrated because you are browsing about something very interesting and the phone starts to dictate to you what you should do, sometimes it get so hot you fear it might blow up in face!  Here are some steps to reduce the overheating. Continue reading

Features and a Confirmed Release Date for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Roundup of Features and Release Date Video Games Consoles Mario

The Nintendo Switch was officially unveiled back in October with a teaser video, showcasing an edgy, millennial-angled home/mobile hybrid. With its recent live debut, information about the new platform’s price and launch window have finally been released. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Nintendo Switch: Continue reading

Uber Morocco Is Under a Coup

Getting ugly: A Moroccan taxi driver waiting for customers in Casablanca. In Casablanca taxis are at war with Uber, demanding the government take action against the American company. — AFP

Uber drivers  in the Moroccan city of Casablanca thought it was business as usual but unknown to them something uncanny was brewing.

Uber drivers are been flooded with requests but not from the normal passengers instead, they found themselves surrounded by paid angry local taxi drivers, who forced them from their vehicles and handed them over to the police, the latest in a string of protests in the kingdom against the controversial travel app.


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Nokia Unveils Its First Android Smartphone

Image result for Nokia Unveils Its First Android Smartphone

Behold, Nokia’s first smartphone running an Android operating system, just as we announced early last month. The Nokia 6 runs the latest Android Nougat OS with a 5.5-inch HD screen, 16MP rear and 8MB front cameras, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Unfortunately however it will only be available in China, starting “early 2017″ for approximately $250 USD at JD.com. Continue reading

Apple Cuts Tim Cook’s Pay by $1.5 Million for Missing Iphone 7 Sales Targets.


Even the Iphone  5 users I know that became Iphone 6 users  within the blink of an eye, did not even flinch at the thought of the Iphone 7. So correct me if I am wrong when I say that i do not think low sales were due to Cook’s ear bud decision but generally a bad global purchasing power year. The company said its annual sales were down by nearly 4%, or $215.6 billion, from its target of $223.6 billion, and its operating income was down 0.5 percent from its target at $60 billion. As a result, Cook will lose out on about $1.5 million, dropping his annual salary from $10.28 million in 2015 to $8.75 million in 2016. Other top executives were also affected. Continue reading

These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTH

Image result for These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTHJob Site, Dice.com published a 2015 Salary Survey of the highest paying Tech jobs in the world, they surveyed a total of 23,470 IT Professionals.  I am not if Nigerians were taken account off.  In my opinion, if you really love Technology, and you are planning on starting your career soon, you should not be looking at following the crowd but if all you want is a decent pay consider going for a course that would be needed in the future when Technology finally takes over everything. Continue reading

The iPhone 7 Is Not Selling as Well as Apple Hoped

Most new iPhones usually see amazing sales numbers in their first few months, often outperforming previous models’ sales during the same quarter. The same might not be the case for Apple’s iPhone 7, as according to Nikkei slow sales could force the tech giant to cut back production on the latest model. Although it is still too early to say if the iPhone 7 will be the first model not to outperform its predecessor just yet, a 10 percent drop in stock is expected within the next few months. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

See What’s So Special About The Infinix Hot 4

Image result for infinix hot 4

Guys it’s kind of a metal cased phone that looks like a plastic cased phone in pictures, it name Infinix HOT 4 X557 KV!    A cheap phone with high tech affordable for the average buyer, (who saw what I did there?). The camera is NOT 13MP like my Infinix Hot S, the Infinix Hot 4 X557 also features a 5.5″ HD Screen Display, a 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM expandable to 32GB micro SD. And it arrive with a MT6580 Quad Core Cortex; 1.3GHz CPU and a XOS (Based on Android Marshmallow) as the operating system. Continue reading

Facebook Set To Introduce A New Copyright Identification System

Facebook New Copyright Identification System Music Right Infringement

Facebook is reportedly developing a system to identify and remove copyrighted content. Developed to appease major label demands, the system will be similar to YouTube‘s Content ID. Once launched the system will cut down the sharing of unlicensed music and videos, and allow labels to fully capitalize on the viral nature of content released. Additionally, being the first of its kind for Facebook the technology development creates an opportunity for Facebook to formalize a licensing deal to generate ad revenue from content featuring copyrighted media. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

These Are the Most Popular Apps in 2016

Nielsen has published its annual report of the year’s most popular apps. For 2016, there appears to be one social media service that’s still trouncing the competition when it comes to the world of apps: Facebook. As Nielsen’s study found, Facebook has taken the top spot for most popular apps of 2016, with 146 million unique users. Coming in at the second top spot was Facebook Messenger, which boasted 129 million unique users in 2016. Continue reading

Instagram Hits Another Milestone – 600 Million Active Users

Instagram’s strategy to beat Snapchat at its own game seems to be working. The Facebook-owned social network centered on photos (lol, more like a cool controled CNN) has announced Last week that it has more than 600 million users.

The last 100 million of those have signed up in the past six months, which is quite impressive because it took them nine months to go from 400 million to 500 million.  Continue reading

Tech Alert! LG’s Levitating Speaker

Seeing all this tech stuffs just makes me, want to travel to Egypt and look for an elixir of life lol….   PSA: LG has joined the Levitation magic (more like magnetic) trick class of 2016/2017.   A;though LG is not the first company to create such speakers, but actually the first key tech company to launch such. The LG PJ9 is a wireless, 360-degree omnidirectional speaker that levitates (Duh). It comes with a 10-hour battery life, with the speakers actually floating back to its base as the battery starts to run out. You also get an embedded subwoofer, an IP67 certification, a wireless charge, and the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Continue reading

Guess Which Tech Company Might Be the First to Reach the Trillion-Dollar Market Value?


One Trillion Dollar Market Evaluation, is like when a company becomes a country!! #BrainFreeze Despite the fact that the Microsoft’s market value currently trails both Apple and Alphabet, analyst Michael Markowski of Equities.com believes that Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn could help them reach the $1 trillion milestone.

Here are the market caps of the top 5 tech companies via GeekWire Continue reading

South Korea raises bird flu alert to highest level for first time

South Korean health officials bury chickens at a poultry farm where the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu virus broke out in Haenam, South Korea, November 17, 2016. Yonhap/via REUTERS

South Korea’s agriculture ministry raised the country’s bird flu alert status to the highest level for the first time on Thursday as the disease has spread quickly nationwide.  Just when we were about to turn in poultry farmers!

The heightened alarm status comes as the country grapples with an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu that started a month ago. Since then, South Korea, Asia’s fourth-largest economy, has culled over 12 percent of its poultry population to contain the spread of the virus. Continue reading

‘Pokémon GO’ Now Has an Apple Watch App For the Holidays

Apple Watch Pokemon GO iTunes watchOS

Pokémon GO, Niantic announced today that the app is now available on the Apple Watch. The new smartwatch version is scaled back to fit the smaller user interface and thus will not allow trainers to catch the creatures — an alert from the watch notifies you when you are close to a Pokémon and then you have to pull out a phone in order to catch it. Continue reading

TAG Heuer Unveils a Full Matte Black Ceramic Carrera Heuer-01

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Matte Black Ceramic

Christmas gift alert! First introduced early last year, TAG Heuer’s Carrera Heuer-01 is back this December with its best look to date. Featuring full matte black ceramic construction (save for a little black titanium carbide and AR-coated sapphire crystals), the 45mm timepiece does well to highlight the Swiss manufacturer’s in-house TAG caliber 01 thanks to its skeletonized aesthetic and is water-resistant up to 100m. Other features include the likes of a 50-hour power reserve and either a matching ceramic bracelet or rubber strap.

TAG’s Carrera Heuer-01 is available now at select stockists for $6,300 USD.

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